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Pet Parties, Pupperware, At Home Business, Pet Lovers and more. Shure Pets offers anyone the opportunity to make a puppy dream become a reality via our Pet Consultant Program. We offer a wide array of benefits, team support, and rewards as you em-bark upon the journey and unleash your potential. When you become a Pet Consultant, you are in business for yourself; however, a full team of helpful, motivated staff and individuals are always available to assist you.

Shure Pets, which was founded in 2002 by Andrew Shure, offers a unique and exclusive line of pet products and accessories “Shure to Make Your Pet Smile". The products include shampoos and vitamins, treats, toys, pet beds, and breed specific gifts such as aprons, umbrellas, and treat jars and much much more. All of the Shure Pets brand products are cruelty-free (no animal testing).

the website...

We are currently looking for a Shure Pets Consultant to fill this spot!  If you are interested in this consultant page to bring you leads for your Shure Pets business please click here for more information.

To visit the Shure Pets website please click here.

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Email:  Please click here to email me

Please contact me for more information.

current specials...

Any Pet Lover signing up under this HostAPartyOnline advertisement will get a $25.00 gift certificate to build their Shure Pet Consultant Inventory.

Please contact me for more information.

business opportunity...

Shure Pets Compensation Plan: Pet Consultants receive retained profit (25-27%) from sales on each and every item they sell. Shure Pets Consultants receive 3-5% of the commissionable sales generated from each new Pet Consultant directly recruited to the Shure Pets team. Additionally, Shure Pets Consultants receive 2-4% of the commissionable sales generated from each 1st generation Consultant's recruits (this will be your 2nd generation consultant). A 2-3% commission applies to 3rd and 4th generation recruits!

Successful Shure Pets Consultants are recognized through incentive programs and rewards ranging from luxury items to trips including the 128th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York and The Atlantis in the Bahamas. Income is based on each Shure Pets Consultant's personal motivation and achievement.

To become a Pet Consultant, the only requirements are a passion for pets and a minimal financial investment of $99.00 (+ sales tax and shipping and handling) for a "New Puppy on the Block" starter kit (over $250 value).

This starter kit contains all the tools and tips needed to develop, manage and maintain your successful business including:

  • Pet Vitamins
  • Pet Shampoos
  • Spritzers
  • Candles
  • Foaming Cleansers
  • Stain and Odor Control
  • Conditioner
  • Pet Toy
  • Dog Treats
  • Mug
  • Mini-Plate and more.
  • The Shure Pets® Business Guide (your manual to help develop and manage a successful Shure Pets business. Described are various policies and procedures to help direct you and ensure success.)
  • The Shure Pets® Consulting Guide (details product information and assists with frequently asked questions regarding products and health conditions)
  • The Shure Pets® Planner Guide (helps organize your busy lifestyle with monthly calendars and Event Planners) Helpful Contact Information Product Cat-alogs and Health Brochures
  • A purr-sonalized business card order form
  • A Shure Pets® pin (designed to increase customer awareness/brand recognition)
  • Local Tax Rate Card to assist you in your sales calculations
  • A purple Shure Pets® tote bag to carry your supplies

Please contact me for more information.

host benefits...

Party On! Reading about our multi-mutt line of products is one thing, but experiencing them at a party is quite another. Pet parties give you and your friends the first hand opportunity to discover the wide variety of products we offer. Anyone can host a party; you do not need to be a Shure Pets Consultant. Numerous benefits exist for the host, while Pet Consultants can take advantage of their friends' network by allowing their friends to host a party. Hosting a pet party is fun and exciting, plus there is no pressure for your guests to buy! Guests will easily and fully understand the benefits of Shure Pets' products when they are guided by a Pet Consultant in a relaxed, comfortable setting amongst friends.

Why Host a Pet Party? It is EASY for your guests (both two and four legged) to shop "at home" with friendly, purr-sonalized service and one-on-one attention. It is FUN to get together with friends and family and see the new, unique, ulti-mutt products and accessories Shure Pets has to offer. It is REWARDING to earn discounted Shure Pets merchandise as a host/hostess with the plan outlined in de-tail below What you Earn for Hosting a Pet Party Free Host/Hostess Merchandise Credit Beginning with Pet Party Sales of $200 or more (not including sales tax) the host/hostess earns between 15% and 25% of that amount in Free Merchandise Credit (depending on the total amount of sales the Pet Party has brought in). A Purr-sonal Shopping Frenzy!

The amount of your Host/Hostess credit increases based on the total retail sales from your Party.

Retail Pet Party Sales % of Free Host/Hostess Merchandise Credit Free Host/Hostess Merchandise Credit Half-Price Item(s)
$200 15% $30 1* With a Booking
$300 15% $45 1* With a Booking
$400 15% $60 2* With a Booking
$500 20% $100 2* With a Booking
$600 20% $120 3* With a Booking
$700 20% $140 3* With a Booking
$800 25% $200 4* With a Booking
$900 25% $225 4* With a Booking
$1000 25% $250 5* With a Booking

*all half price items are contingent upon booking future Pet Parties.

Please contact me for more information.

fundraising opportunity...

There are several ways we can operate a fundraiser. We can offer either 25% of the total sales for all products sold during a fundraiser, paid as a check to your organization. Or, particularly in the case of animal welfare groups, we can offer 15-25% of the total sales as a product credit that you can use to buy items for the animals in your care or to raffle off at events so that you have the opportunity to make even more than the cash value of the items.

Please contact me for more information.

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