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Let's face it ladies and gents, we all want to be able to throw awesome parties! Not only do we want to have fun, but our hostess and her guests want to have fun too. And when they are having fun. we end up making a lot more money! Here is a list of over 200 fabulous party games to choose from.

There are also games listed below that are designed to help with the pre-party planning (helping the hostess get more guests or outside sales). But no matter which game you decide to use, remember, you can write your own rules here!

Each and every one of these games can be customized to best suit your product or your personality.  You can use these games to play at Tupperware parties, candle parties, home decor parties, jewelry parties and more!  Have fun and please let me know what you think about these games!

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On the download page there is a form where you will need to enter your name and email address.  After you complete this step I will email you a copy of the 200 Home Party Games for Consultants ebook!

You will need Adobe Reader to read this eBook!  You can download it for free!  Just click here...

Please contact me with any questions that you have!

200 Home Party Games eBook

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