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Give a gift that they will remember!  Instead of sending a card for the next birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day or any other holiday, send a microwaveable greeting cake!  Kids especially love receiving a greeting cake!  You should see their eyes light up when they are able to make and bake their own microwave cake!

Our Microwave GREETING CAKES INCLUDE ALMOST EVERYTHING!! Cake Mix, Frosting Mix, Sprinkles, Candle Cup to pour water and mix the frosting in, Small spoon to mix everything with. You bake it right in the dish it comes in! The ONLY thing you need to supply to make the cake is water and a microwave! To top it off, it comes with confetti to make the celebration complete! (non-edible)

The lucky person you send a greeting cake to will be enjoying their microwaveable 4 inch cake in just about 2 minutes, that's how long it takes to make right in the microwave! Greeting Cakes have a shelf life of approx. one year, so instead of buying cards for the year, stock up on Greeting Cakes to save on shipping charges and share the fun all year round! Having a big event? Need at least a dozen cakes? Order a Party Pack and get a dozen cakes of the same design for the price of 10 cakes!

the website...

We are currently looking for an Greeting Cake Consultant to fill this spot!  If you are interested in this consultant page to bring you leads please click here for more information.

To visit the Greeting Cake Company website please click here.

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contact me...

Email:  Please click here to email me

current specials...

Please contact me for current specials! I also offer gift shipping. The cake is shipped in a decorated box. When opened the recipient will see the top of the container showing the sentiment label. The container is surrounded by coordinating shred with gift note from sender.

Please contact me for more information.

business opportunity...

Start selling Greeting Cakes for as low as $15.00. Kits range in price and go up to $160.00. Several options to suit your interests. Build a down line and earn even more. You also get bonuses based on sales totals. Quarterly sales bonuses as high as 20%.

Please contact me for more information.

host benefits...

Earn free Greeting Cakes! 

Please contact me for more information.

fundraising opportunity...

Whether you are an organization or individual looking to raise money for a team or special cause The Greeting Cake Co can handle it. Try something new! Cakes are fun and the people selling the cakes can also earn them for free based on their own order totals. Now that is sales motivation, FREE CAKES!

Please contact me for more information.

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